Project Description

My most recent volunteer experience has been as a Board Member of the Bay Area Educational Theater Company (eTc) . In this project, I was able to transform the company’s business processes from paper-based systems to online systems. This involved conducting a needs analysis, researching and testing available (low-cost) systems, implementing the chosen systems, rolling out the new systems to customers, and documenting business processes. I personally initiated this project and managed all phases through completion.

I named the new system “eTc backstage” and we use it to register theater participants, collect payments, gather contact information, share policy and procedure details, and handle product purchases through an online store. The new systems have dramatically simplified business operations, resulting in a faster, easier, more accurate, and more convenient experience for customers and volunteers.

The slides depict the new landing page, analysis of board and customer (parent) tasks, paper-based registration form, and new online store.